Digital Dental X-Rays - The Milestone of Dental Technology

Here's an article by Eli Kahn from He explained the five reasons why Digital Dental X-Rays are the important tools of the future.

Digital X-Rays - The Wave of the Future
By Eli Kahn

X-Rays offer valuable insight into your dental health, giving your dentist the ability to accurately pinpoint and treat the root cause of toothaches and pains, as well as detect problems before they become more serious. They can help your dentist find cavities in your teeth, determine whether or not certain teeth are impacted, view the alignment of the jawbone in order to combat TMJ symptoms, and more. Having X-Rays taken should be a regular part of your visit to the dentist's office, but if you're still relying on conventional X-Rays rather than digital radiography, you may be missing out! Here are five reasons why Digital Dental X-Rays are the wave of the future:

1) If you're concerned about the amount of radiation that you may be exposed to during a conventional X-Ray session, you'll be pleased to learn that digital radiography reduces the amount of radiation by more than 80 percent!

2) While the traditional X-Ray process involves developing film, digital dental X-Rays can provide you with instant results, since there is no film to develop. Instead, the images can be viewed directly on a computer screen within seconds.

3) Digital Dental X-Rays are easy to send and share. Within moments of their creation, these images can be emailed anywhere in the world. This makes it possible to have your X-Rays forwarded immediately to a specialist or surgeon, or switch dentists without the hassle of having to pick up your files in person.

4) With traditional X-Rays, little could be done to enhance the quality of the image after the film had been developed. But with Digital Dental X-Rays, you or your dentist can zoom in, crop, adjust the color or contrast, and generally enhance the image for clarity, making it easier to effectively examine the images.

5) Finally, digital radiography is better for the environment, since no toxic chemicals are needed to develop or process the film.

Many dentists across the country already offer their patients access to digital radiography. If you're interested in Digital X-Rays for your dental care needs, ask your dentist whether they offer this amazing new technology - and if it's time for you to make the switch - at your next checkup or appointment.

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