Dental Digital Technology: 21st Century Dentistry - A New World of Dental Technology

Here's an article written by Daniele on how Dental Technology like Dental Imaging and the latest Digital Dental X-rays evolved as an improvement for the 21st Century Dentistry.

21st Century Dentistry - A New World of Dental Technology
by Daniele Johnson

When you meet someone, do you immediately flash him a smile? Or do you hide it because you are in so much pain from tooth ache? Often, people fore go a visit to a dentist despite a tooth ache because of dental fear. A mere sight of the dental chair gives them fright. But this should not be the case. Tooth ache and dental fear must not be barriers to dental care.

The good news is advances in dental technology are already in the market. This 21st century dental technologies offer improved oral treatments making dental procedures much easier and less painful. Likewise, it makes time in the chair and in recovery much shorter. Mini-implants, lasers, digital imaging and zoom teeth whitening are few of these dental innovations.

Already in use for some time now, laser technology have somewhat replaced the use of scalpel in dental clinics. It is often used in soft tissue applications such as tooth whitening procedures. Just by color, the laser can distinguish between a healthy gum and a diseased one. It then zaps away the infected tissue in the unhealthy gum and leaves the healthy one untouched.

In the same way, the laser is also used to seal gums by using thermal energy to keep the bacteria away from the gums. This way you won't suffer from tooth ache and tooth decay anymore. With laser treatment, pain and bleeding is significantly reduced making recovery time much shorter. It is also used in cosmetic treatments to reshape gums lines. So, people with long or short teeth can get a more even look.

Mini Dental Implants
Although dental implants have been around for 30 years now, mini implants are replacing conventional implants nowadays. In contrast to conventional implants, mini dental implants take a single visit to the dentist to get inserted. They also do not require cutting the gums, thus, making recovery time shorter. What's best is these implants cost only half the price of conventional implants.

Dental Digital Imaging
Another recent advancement in dental technology, digital imaging makes taking impressions of the teeth easier and faster. It uses a tiny intra-oral sensor that sends image directly to a computer and makes a 3D image of the teeth. This technology removes the discomfort from the long wait and reduces exposure to radiation.

Zoom Teeth Whitening
The latest in cosmetic dentistry, zoom teeth whitening takes only about 15 minutes to make your teeth several shades whiter. Dentists use a bleaching solution and activate it using a special light. Just in one session and about an hour of treatment, your smile is brighter.

With these cutting edge gadgets and technology, tooth ache treatment and dental care will surely change dramatically in the next century. But don't get easily caught in these dazzling new dental technologies. It is still best to ask your dentist and do some research as often these procedures are not essential and cost effective like they claim to be.

Daniele is a writer, book lover, golf enthusiast, and food-obsessed lass. Currently, she's a dental assistant to a successful tooth ache dentist. Though she wanted to be an actress when she was young, she pursued dentistry to continue the tradition in her family. She does freelance writing in between her theater and dentistry work.

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