Dental Digital Xrays: Kodak Dental Imaging Software

User-friendly and powerful, KODAK Dental Imaging Software serves as the control panel for all of our digital imaging systems. Its flexible user interface has been designed specifically for dental radiological diagnosis, and can be used as a standalone program or integrated with your practice management software.

Features & Benefits

Improve Diagnosis and Communication
Improve your diagnostic abilities using simple and powerful tools including contrasts, brightness, measurements, dedicated image filters and highlight effects. You’ll obtain clean, clear images to help enhance communication with patients and referrals.

Improve Flexibility
A fully customizable workspace allows you to work comfortably. Choose between viewing images in full screen or actual image size. View and compare your digital X-rays in operative radiology mode, four image bitewing modes, or within a variety of full mouth series mounts.

Increase Productivity Work smarter and more efficiently with image management and archiving functions. Keep a detailed image log per patient, conduct a detailed image search, and delete, archive and import/export images.

Easily Share Images
With the printing and transfer function, dental professionals can take full advantage of all the benefits digital imaging has to offer. Print all image types and reports, create report models, and even send images by email, with or without a viewer.

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