Dental Digital Radiography News: Vetel Diagnostics Introduces Envision Dental™ Diagnostic Imaging Tools

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 27, 2010 – Vetel Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging tools to veterinarians, introduces ENVISION DENTAL™, a new line of dental digital radiography (DR) products: the AnyRay handheld dental DR generator, the EZ Sensor line of dental DR detectors, and the new Metron dental software featuring an interactive positioning guide. They are designed to make dental imaging easier and to increase the veterinarian’s opportunities to deliver dental services.

An estimated 80% of canine and feline populations have some type of treatable dental pathology. Despite the prevalence of periodontal disease, however, many practices face challenges in delivering even routine dental services. The time and expertise required using traditional radiography presents a significant obstacle during the average appointment. Recognizing the disadvantages this creates for both patient care and practice profitability, Vetel Diagnostic’s pursued imaging solutions to address both.

Dr. James K. Waldsmith, President of Vetel explained: “These tools represent a huge leap forward in providing the dental diagnostics that lead to treatment opportunities in daily practice.” As more practices transition to digital imaging, opportunities represented by dental services continue to gain the recognition they deserve. Developing a product line based on superior quality and ease of use is at the core of Vetel Diagnostic’s philosophy. Metron’s ability to integrate dental radiographs alongside other diagnostic images places more complete patient information at the practitioner’s fingertips.

“First and foremost we looked for products that delivered quality imaging”, said Dr. Waldsmith, “but we also understood that positioning tools, ease of use and workflow efficiency have equal importance if the practitioner is to utilize them on a regular basis. Drawing an owner’s attention to their pets’ bad breath begins the conversation but without fast, high quality dental radiographs to provide the diagnoses, client education and dental services are far more difficult to provide. Access to the proper imaging tools substantially increases those diagnostic opportunities. We chose products according to their suitability for superior patient care and practice productivity.”

Vetel Diagnostic’s ENVISION DENTAL™ was created to meet the specific needs of veterinary practice. EZ Sensors were designed with an emphasis on patient comfort; the AnyRay generator affords complete portability and Metron’s dental software provides technician assistance and client education.


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