Introducing the Gendex GXCB-500 Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System

Another innovation of Cone Beam 3D Imaging System. Introducing the Gendex Dental Systems: GXCB-500 Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System.

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General Information
VendorGendex Dental Systems
ItemGXCB-500 Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System
Product NumberGXCB500
Focal Spot0.5
Footprint48 inches wide x 46 inches deep
Scan Time8.9 sec (.3 and .4 voxel, Standard/EDS Mode)
23 sec (.125, .2 and .25 voxel, Standard Mode)
Installation IncludedYes
Patient PositioningSeated
Primary Reconstruction Time<>
Volume ReconstructionYes
Panoramic ReconstructionYes
Cephalo ReconstructionInquire
DICOM ExportYes (DICOM 3 Compatible)
Plate Dimensions13 x 13 cm
Image DetectorAmorphous Silicon Flat Panel
Software OSInquire
Included Softwarei-CAT Vision™
Gray Scale14 bit
Voxel Size (Slice Thickness).4, .3, .25, .2, .125
Other Included ItemsTraditional Pan imaging plus Cone Beam 3-D
Additional OptionsInquire
Training IncludedInquire

Gendex offers the GXCB-500, an affordable Cone Beam 3-D imaging system powered by industry-leading i-CAT technology. Unique to the GXCB-500 is a ‘medium’ scan area of one or both arches that can extend to encompass the TMJ area, making the system a powerful diagnostic and treatment-planning tool for implant planning, TMJ analysis, and a variety of surgical procedures. The GXCB-500’s Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel sensor yields accurate, highly detailed images at one of the fastest scan and reconstruction rates in the industry. Adding to its value, the system also serves as a traditional 2-D digital panoramic without changing sensors.

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