Digital Dental Radiography Review: The DEXIS Digital Diagnostic System

Here's an article by Andrew W. Chin, DDS about digital radiography.

The DEXIS Digital Diagnostic System
By Andrew W. Chin, DDS

Digital radiography is not new to dentistry. It has been in use for over 10 years, and is only becoming more popular and mainstream. There are many companies to choose from. I believe that the DEXIS system is one of the better digital radiography systems on the market today. In general, all digital radiographic systems will reduce the radiation exposure to your patients by about 30-40%. They also reduce the chemicals and raw material waste that go along with traditional radiographs. The quality of digital radiography was always the question, as with traditional photography and digital photography. However, as with digital photographs, digital radiography is getting better (if not surpassing) the traditional films, as our technology improves.

The DEXIS Digital Diagnostic system has been on the market since nearly the beginning of digital radiography. In those years it became the first company to have its digital radiography system receive the American Dental Association Seal of Approval when it was admitted into the ADA Acceptance Program. Recently, DEXIS received the Reality Magazines five-star award for outstanding quality in a digital radiography system. These awards only confirm what I have known through the years working with the system.

The DEXIS hardware is very unique. Most other systems have multiple-sized sensors. The DEXIS system has only one size and the corners are rounded for comfort. Although it is one of the thicker sensors on the market, the rounded corners, which other systems do not have, make a significant difference in patient comfort. Many gaggers have even said that the sensors are much more comfortable and create less of a gag reflex. The sensor and its hardware are easily transferred to adjacent rooms and computers. If your operatories are not networked, the unit can be used on a laptop. The sensor is the weakness of all digital radiograph systems due to its mobility and small fragile size. DEXIS is no different in this respect.

The sensor costs around $6,000 to replace, and about half that if you buy the insurance program and software support. This will run you a yearly fee of about $1,300-$1,800. You can weigh the costs and benefits of not buying the maintenance program. Regardless of what you choose, your assistants will need to treat the sensor with great care.

The entire office will go through a training program provided by the company. The learning curve is fairly fast and not too complex, especially if you are familiar with computers. The DEXIS radiographic system has some excellent clinical features that will improve your clinical diagnosis and efficiency. The actual radiograph will be instantaneous after the radiation has been detected. This image can then be enlarged to fill your monitor, magnified at specific areas, or the resolution can be adjusted at the click of a mouse. There are many other bells and whistles that I do not use, but the most useful feature is something they called ClearVu. This feature will greatly enhance your clinical diagnosis and be more accurate in finding decay or other pathology. Lastly, the DEXIS system has very convenient measuring tools for your endodontic and implant procedures. With so many features, the DEXIS system will help educate your patients and you will see your treatment plans increase in acceptance.

Cost will always be a factor in these types of high tech equipment. The entire system will run over $10,000, and don’t forget those yearly maintenance costs. The DEXIS system will have other costs in bridging software if you want/need to integrate it with your practice management software. I have integrated it with mine and have had no complications. Even with these costs the system will save you time and will make you much more efficient. Ultimately you will produce more because of the increased efficiency and the ease of presenting your treatment plan by educating patients with the DEXIS system.

DEXIS is the most highly awarded digital X-ray system, well-known for unique features like "One-Click FMS” and ClearVU™ image enhancement. The new DEXIS Platinum Sensor with PureImage™ technology has three distinct advantages:
  1. A smart design that places the electronics on the sensor’s back so the active imaging area is almost 100% of the total sensor size.
  2. An advanced ergonomic design featuring four rounded corners, a slim profile, and a seamless casing, allowing precise sensor placement while assuring optimal patient comfort.
  3. A patented cord placement that allows for vertical AND horizontal bitewings and all peripherals with a single sensor, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of multiple sensors of different sizes.
DEXIS features a direct USB connection, with no controllers or docking stations. DEXIS also offers easy integration with practice management programs, digital pan systems, cameras, and scanners allowing the clinician to capture, store, and access all X-ray and camera images through one convenient Imaging Hub.

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