Dental Imaging Software Application

Dental imaging software offers easy-to-use, full-featured dental programs that completely integrate dental practice management, digital dental imaging and patient clinical charting.

For more complex imaging requirements, dental practitioners really need dental imaging software. It is very common to use one program for dental practice management and a different program for image management. If you are using digital radiography, then your hardware vendor will have an imaging program you can purchase. Examples include Dexis, Schick, and Gendex VixWin. There are also independent software products such as XDR, TigerView, and Apteryx which work very well.,

ADSTRA is one of the company promoting dental imaging software solution. ADSTRA Imaging™ is a world class, comprehensive software designed to manage dental images provides easy image capture from intraoral cameras, video microscopes, scanners, and intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric digital x-ray devices. With ease and flexibility, ADSTRA Imaging™ enables users to view images when they want them.

Another company who offers dental imaging softwre is Kodak. They have dental imaging software for Windows. KODAK Dental Imaging Software serves as the control panel for all of our digital imaging systems. Its flexible user interface has been designed specifically for dental radiological diagnosis, and can be used as a standalone program or integrated with your practice management software.

There are other companies providing dental imaging software that you can choose from. These dental imaging software will always depend on your dental imaging equipment.

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